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The Book 

Innovation Engine by Jatin Desai

Discover how to become a world-class innovator with the guidelines, tools, and techniques found in Innovation Engine.

"Innovation Engine will help you build a climate and culture of innovation. A must-read for every serious executive desiring innovation as a daily habit in his or her organization and to drive innovation execution."

                      —Vijay Govindarajan, coauthor of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller Reverse Innovation

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"Innovation is highly pursued, desired and, oh so often, bemoaned as lacking in large organizations. In this impressive book Jatin has pulled together a comprehensive approach to innovation - in itself innovative - clearly laying out the path from ideation to implementation. He has considered virtually every aspect of the organization - from individuals, to teams, to approach - in this passionately argued text. Well done!"

Hari Mahadevan, Former Executive Officer, Rosetta

 Strategy Development
Strategy Development
We help organizations accelerate growth by merging innovation culture with business strategy. Our Strategy-Driven Innovation SM methodology and the results of our Innovation Readiness Assessment benchmarking tool enable us to mitigate growth inhibitors limiting your innovation potential...

 Training & Workshops
Training & Workshops
We develop business leadership innovation competency via our senior leadership programs. These are valuable senior executive skills when conducting strategic planning. We also enable front-line employees to facilitate innovation from their communities through our innovation...

Customer-Centered        Innovation      
Customer-Centered Innovation
Open Innovation entails looking beyond your own organizational boundaries for creativity and innovation. Our Customer Ethnography Retreat provides a forum to grow customer understanding and trigger new product and service innovation by embedding the customer into the idea...