Long term value

Gyro At The DeSai Group, our consulting, learning, and research primarily focus on one target: How to create an organization that adds value to customers and investors using innovation?

We are committed to assisting organizations grow, change, build capabilities, learn, remove boundaries, and harvest the available potential of human resources.

Innovation Truth
The DeSai Group believes that innovation driven by business strategies, with well established execution methods for operational success, is the fastest method for developing a predictable, self-generating, sustainable value-creation engine. The game of Corporate Innovation requires domain knowledge and the consistent practice of innovation, execution, leadership, and learning; integrated as a whole system for transformational growth year after year. We call this Strategy-Driven InnovationSM

Established in 1983, we have been delivering innovation and technology enabled enterprise solutions for Fortune 1000 and global clients. Today, DeSai provides innovation management consulting, facilitation of ideation, idea management support, keynote presentations, and knowledge transfer through the delivery of high quality training and leadership development programs and consulting services.

By Partnering with The DeSai Group, you can:

  • Fully align your business strategies with innovation.
  • Prepare to harvest the highest growth potential from your workforce and stakeholders.
  • Develop innovative products and services for your customers - with speed.
  • Gain confidence by realizing the promise of agility in the marketplace.