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Jatin Desai's Book clearly demonstrates how to build a business case, create a clear and aligned innovation strategy, and build your own playbook for innovation. Actionable ideas for high performance innovation, year after year!

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Are you ready to innovate? Does your organization have the capabilities to continuously innovate? Our diagnostic tools will show you where you are in your innovation journey and will provide you with diverse insights on how to leverage innovation to solve key business challenges.

Innovation Readiness Assessment (IRA): The IRA is an organizational assessment tool used to measure an organization's propensity to innovate. The assessment evaluates 15 factors which, in turn, comprise 45 components that enable successful innovation.
Innovation Styles: You might be wondering why some people are more innovative then others? Or how can you form a great innovation team? Answer is to tap into the natural innovativeness of each person. This tool helps an organization gain insight into how are people wired for creativity and innovation? This is our favorite tool for team meetings, ideation sessions, problem solving workshops, strategic activities, retreats, and off-sites. It is practical and very experiential.
Innovation Tool Kit: There are lots of creative people in your company, and given half a chance they’ll probably create some great innovations. But if you rely on their random efforts then you’re risking your future success on chance, and that’s not enough. You have to develop and apply methodologies and tools to help you manage the future. Here are our 15 categories of tools that contain 50+ actual tools your innovators and facilitators can use for each step of the Challenge Development Process (CDP)describe the image

Sample of Innovation Tools     

Here are examples of some tools to give you a taste. You can always contact us and we can share with you more.

 Challenge Development Process
 Value Quotient
 Challenge Scoping

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