Innovation Readiness Assessment (IRA)

Innovation Readiness Assessment (IRA)The IRA is an organizational assessment used to measure an organization's propensity to innovate. The DeSai Group utilizes this tool to provide data-driven recommendations that eliminate barriers to innovation and drive innovation capabilities throughout an organization. The assessment evaluates 15 factors which, in turn, comprise 45 components that enable successful innovation. 

After completing the on-line assessment, your organization or business unit will have the opportunity to review the results and identify specific, actionable steps to increase an organization's innovation capabilities. This process will help organizations uncover the following:

  • Alignment and misalignment of organizational perspectives on innovation
  • Innovation strengths that can be leveraged right away for competitive advantage
  • Critical barriers and risks that may limit or block innovation
  • Insights on how your innovation capability compares to other organizations from DeSai's benchmarking database.

The Innovation Readiness Assessment (IRA) consists of a framework that comprises three "Swim Lanes" (Alignment, Insights, and Mobilization) of organizational innovation development. 

  • Alignment means that each business unit, department, team and individual sees and understands their role and how it contributes to the overall innovation mandate of the organization.
  • Insights reflect the importance of idea generation as a systematic process rather than a matter of luck. It begins with the recognition that information from many sources is essential to developing insights that will allow a business to reach the goal of organizational alignment. In order to gather accurate insights, a business must involve people from all levels of the organization, partners, suppliers, customers, regulators, etc.
  • Mobilization reflects the reality that even with strong alignment and a good flow of insights, innovation is only valuable when it is translated into tangible results. Effective mobilization involves the deployment of sufficient resources, quick and effective decision making, and continuous learning about how to translate innovative ideas into practical application more quickly and successfully over time.

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Innovation Mandate

Leader Readiness

Employee Engagement

Innovation Support

Systematic Approach


Diverse Perspectives

External Orientation


Flow of Ideas

Selection of Ideas





Change Management


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