The DeSai Group Difference

Organizations faced with business challenges often choose between taking on the problem themselves and outsourcing for a solution.

Our research and experience clearly indicates that organizations that do-it- themselves through engaging their employees and by using purposeful and deliberate innovation practices have a higher likelihood of generating viable solutions that create competitive advantage. Further, these organizations are more likely to be able to repeat their innovation success and enhance speed to market and operational efficiencies.

At the DeSai Group our objective is to make you and your employees the experts on Innovation. That is what Strategy Driven Innovationsm is all about. We teach you how to create an innovation driven organization. You retain the learning's and develop the distinctive know-how to make your organization the formidable competitor in your space.

Involvement + Commitment = Engagement = Increased Effort = Better Results.

Innovative ProcessesStrong employee engagement encourages creativity. As a result, creativity fosters idea generation. This cycle generates and sustains an innovative organizational culture.

Current findings involving the correlation between employee engagement and innovation strongly indicates that engaged employees are far more likely to suggest or develop creative ways to improve business processes. They're also far more likely to find creative ways to solve customer problems and involve their customers in creating new products/services.

Company leaders who want to drive growth through innovation need to create an environment that welcomes and encourages new ideas and should make employee engagement a key component of that strategy!  

Employee Engagement

Innovation Supports Engagement

  • Providing focus areas for people to channel their energy
  • Proving to employees that their voice counts and is valued
  • Providing opportunities for employees to share and collaborate
  • Allowing employees to align their values with the organization
  • Providing common areas of communication to encourage cross-functional interaction
  • Allowing teams and individuals to find a greater sense of meaning and motivation for finding and implementing innovation in their roles.
  • Creating an environment for working together more collaboratively and synergistically

Innovation encourages personal values of:

Curiosity, Originality, Diversity, Openness, Respect, and Trust

The DeSai Group Difference:

One of the most critical aspects of successful employee engagement is to understand each employee's approach to problem solving in the workplace. This enables leaders to efficiently manage team members and at the same time improve the cohesiveness of their work group/ business unit.

An effective tool that can be utilized to engage employees in an organization is the Innovation StylesTM

Click hear for more detail on the Innovation StylesTM

DeSai's Strategy-Driven InnovationSM  using Innovation StylesTM can be customized to enable your organization to accelerate employee engagement and as a result:

  • Generate new products and services
  • Improve existing products and services
  • Dramatically decrease undesirable turnover
  • Create new solutions to business challenges and give your organization a unique competitive advantage