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The Challenge Development Process – CDP

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The Innovator’s Tool Kit for Innovation Execution by The DeSai Group for CDP facilitation includes tools specifically for evaluation such as The Innovation Readiness Assessment and Innovation Styles Assessment. There are over 15 categories of tools containing 50+ actual tools your innovators and facilitators can use for each step of the Challenge Development Process to identify, evaluate, refine and implement.

Innovation Consulting – How We Can Help We will partner with you and your staff to establish a baseline understanding about innovation and help connect it to business strategies … then provide specific tools, frameworks, training modules (click to read more)

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Driving Innovation 401 – “Facilitating Creativity & Innovation” (2 day workshop, prerequisite Driving Innovation 101 – Creativity & Innovation)

For:  Group Meeting Facilitators, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Team Leaders, Managers, Faculty, Professional Facilitators, and Executives.

This workshop focuses on the critical skills associated with eliciting and developing creative response for innovation, including selecting appropriate team problem solving activities, leveraging strengths and compensating for challenges, designing breakouts and reporting results.

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Challenge Development Process

“Creativity is about spending money to find new and novel ideas. Innovation is all about using ideas to make money.” And yet …

"The key to innovation success has nothing to do with how much money you spend. It is directly related to the effort expended to align innovation with business strategy and customer insights, while managing people and the entire process with discipline and transparency." Jatin Desai, CEO

The DeSai Group methodology helps you find and harvest the great ideas already happening inside your organization, 75-80% of which occur outside of planned organizational activity. 

QUESTION: “How does an organization develop individual and team skills to drive successful, sustainable innovation and lessen the risk – is there a process?”

ANSWER:   “YES.” There is a process, which followed correctly can successfully support and drive innovation results.

Our process is simple and can be adapted and customized to the many challenges you seek to address and solve in your organization.  The principles remain the same, but the implementation is geared towards the plan we help you develop. 

DeSai's Challenge Development Process (CDP) allows individuals and teams to begin to apply Innovation Tools and principles to any size business challenge.

  • The key is linking your business strategy to your innovation strategy using a disciplined and organized process to put your organization on the right path.
  • A playbook or roadmap is developed based on that strategy.
  • The execution is structured and implemented from your playbook.

It is important in an organization’s Challenge Development Process to see that it is not a problem solving process or customer solution process alone.  CDP is an innovation development process that can stand alone or be integrated within your other current processes as well.

The Challenge Development Process occurs in five stages:

  1. Discontent - Objective Finding; assuring a link to your business strategies.
  2. Targeting - Fact finding; assuring clarity on unmet needs and choosing focus areas worthy of development.
  3. Lensing - Problem finding; analyzing and clarifying relevant issues from all stakeholder perspectives. This allows clarity of the nature of the problem and the scope of the desired solution.
  4. Ideating - Idea finding; using a variety of diverge and converge tools to find and select worthy ideas to pursue.
  5. Venturing - Solution finding; selection and rapid prototyping, leading to final implementation and launch.

CDP is an organized methodology that allows for a logical progression in a repeatable format while accessing and harvesting the creative ideas within your organization. 


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Challenge Development Process Q & A

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