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Jatin Desai's Book clearly demonstrates how to build a business case, create a clear and aligned innovation strategy, and build your own playbook for innovation. Actionable ideas for high performance innovation, year after year!

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Innovation India

Conventional wisdom holds that emerged economies produce more innovation then emerging economies. Is India emerging or emerged?

The truth is India and Indians all over the world are producing innovations that are very difficult to duplicate. In fact, without the unique innovation capabilities of India and its workforce, most emerged economies would not be able to survive today.

India is producing underlying innovations, such as embedded code in software that drives many consumer products and information systems used by many of the world's leading brands. Almost every major brand in the world, from Apple to Zappos, has operation or R&D center in India. More often than not, every innovative product and related service has some connection to India's ingenuity. India can conjure up consumer products that are low cost, compact, efficient, and robust, even in the face of harsh environmental conditions. Tata Motors' Nano, GE's portable electrocardiograph machine, and Godrej's refrigerator for the rural markets, are just few examples of innovations changing the world (see our related article on Reverse Innovation).

India is projected to be one of the largest economies, bypassing United States by 2025. They represent one of the largest global partners you could hope to have.

Jatin DeSai

The DeSai Group has established a strong presence in India, helping local firms and multi-nationals accelerate their growth in India as well as expanding their reach outside of India. With an office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, The DeSai Group provides end-to-end business innovation capability services for the South Asia market including:

DeSai clients in India include: Larsen & Toubro, L&T Infotech, Coromandel, Cognizant, Infotech, Aditya Birla Group, Titan, Infotech, Siemens, United Phosphorus Group (UPL) and many others.

Whether you are an India based company looking to build your innovation capability or a US company interested in tapping into the innovation engine that is India, we can help.  Contact us to leverage our innovation expertise!

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