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Jatin Desai's Book clearly demonstrates how to build a business case, create a clear and aligned innovation strategy, and build your own playbook for innovation. Actionable ideas for high performance innovation, year after year!

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Weekly Dose

  The DeSai Group's Innovation Lab is a unique professional venue designed to:
  • Stimulate and leverage creative thinking.
  • Transform different and opposing ideas into a coherent whole.
  • Take a unique business challenge and help stakeholders develop new solutions and a road map for success.
How Does It Work?
  • Your organization presents a current business challenge.
  • You attend an innovation lab experience customized to your needs.
  • Your team develops new solutions and a roadmap for their successful execution ..
Why Use The Innovation Lab?
The innovation lab is the ideal setting if you need to ...
  • Develop a structure or framework around a particular project.
  • Experiment with different ideas before a new product launch.
  • Leverage the full creative capacity of your team members (have full use of The DeSai Group's large array of innovation tools).
  • Access to Unique Insights: using cross-industry expert faculty.
At The DeSai Group, we have facilitated many different organizational challenges where:
  • Speed and agility are required.
  • Solutions need to be discontinuous.
  • Sponsorship exists, but methodology and disciplined execution are lacking.
  • Past attempts have failed.
  • Issues are strategically important and imperative.
A Unique Experience

At DeSai's Innovation Lab, organizational team members can come together and learn about "Fusion Thinking" (the process of evaluating and determining your own unique innovation style). Through this process, you will have an opportunity to uncover potential barriers and discover new opportunities for improved products and services.

Next Step

To know more on our Innovation iLab services or for additional information on how our iLabs consulting can help your organization, please contact or call 860-233-0011

We invite you to view our iLab vidoes in the mean time.

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