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Beyond Gravity #2

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Here is another installment of what has been traveling through my desk. In the last Beyond Gravity #1 we looked at innovation examples related to design, a book, a Harvard Conference I went to, and much more. I hope you enjoy some of the mind-benders listed below. Feel free to send me your comments and enjoy!

  1. Technology: 3D Models created by Cell Phones (Microsoft): Click here3D Models resized 600
  2. Does God Exist?: Earth is smaller than an atom…the Human mind is insignificant…or is it? NASA’s March 7th photo of the Sun is amazing.  You may want to put it as a favorite site! Click hereNasa Monster prominence resized 600
  3. Big Thinking: If you understand Darwin’s Forgotten Theories you can discover solutions to just about every challenge in your personal and professional life… Click herebigthink resized 600
  4. How to Fail Fast: Want to solve impossible problems faster? Learn to re-think your original problem itself. In most cases, the problem that seems impossible is not the problem you need to solve. Click here
  5. Green Innovation: PepsiCo unveils 100% Plant based bottle: Click here
  6. Product: Home in a Car by Swiss Room Box… Click here

  7. Steelcase's Brilliant Workstation For Staging Virtual Meetings [Video] Click here

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